Success of purchasing Luobei XinYa Ferroalloy Factory in Hire
For making supply channel more smooth and regular, guarantee products’ quality better , production cost lower .  recently we  bought Xinya Ferroalloy Co.,Ltd in hire who located in Heilongjiang province, special produce various silicon metal . based on this plants , we establish Asia Silicon (Luobei) Co., Ltd , that we occupy 100% shares of this company. we improve some producing equipment, additional make one set of environment protecting system for this plants . This plants will launch from end of Apr.,2008 . in this plants , we own 1 x 6300kw submerged arc furnace, it’s capacity is 4000mt silicon metal annual . we plan to establish another 1x 12500kw furnace in this plants end of this year.   This purchasing help us to provide more excellent service for our clients.